Providing robust psychiatric evidence

We provide high quality psychiatric reports for personal injury, clinical negligence, and other specialist cases involving psychiatric injury.
We are a specialist psychiatric medicolegal chambers working directly with legal professionals. Our experts are experienced in the diagnosis and assessment of the psychiatric sequalae of discrete traumatic events.

We accept instructions for

We offer intelligent, well-informed advice and information from pre-instruction through to settlement for Claimant and Defendant lawyers. We understand that Claimants have often experienced greatly traumatic events and incorporate a trauma-informed perspective into our systems and communications.

Our unique approach ensures that Claimants are treated with compassion, whilst maintaining the highest standards of independent expert evidence, resulting in fair and balanced psychiatric reports.

For instructing parties
We offer a professional and reliable service, delivered by intelligent, well-informed individuals. Because we only supply reports within the Civil courts, we fully understand the CPR 35 requirements of expert witnesses, with all reports checked and quality assured before submission. We believe in communicating honestly and directly, with all instructing parties having a direct line to both the Practice Manager and Practice Director in order to raise queries and concerns quickly and efficiently.

We provide an end-to-end service that minimises the administrative burden and streamlines the reporting process. We believe that expert witness work should be a pleasure, not a chore, and that experts should be provided with the tools and information to offer first class expert opinion to the courts. Our administrative team is overseen by Practice Director, Emily-Rose Cluderay, who understands first-hand the challenges experts face when balancing clinical responsibilities and expert witness duties with their busy personal and professional lives.

For experts
For claimants
We offer a compassionate, trauma-informed and person-centred approach to how we operate and run the psychiatric assessment process. We firmly believe that Claimants should not be retraumatised as a result of the legal process. Our clear communication, with real humans at the other end of the email, ensures that individuals are fully informed about the assessment process and are able to engage with informed consent, resulting in fair and balanced reports.
Our experts have experience with all psychiatric disorders including:

Trauma & Stressor-Related Disorders

Complex trauma; PTSD; Adjustment disorder

Psychotic Disorders

Schizophrenia; Delusional disorder

Anxiety Disorders

Specific phobia; Generalised anxiety disorder; Panic disorder; Agoraphobia

Mood Disorders

Bipolar disorder; Depression; Postnatal depression

Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Learning disability; ADHD; Autism spectrum disorder

What do we mean by trauma-informed?

Trauma shows up differently for different people, affecting their lives, behaviours and actions.
We recognise that the individuals assessed by our experts have nearly always experienced traumatic, and often life-changing, events, and that the claim process itself can be distressing. We understand that the impact of trauma affects individuals in direct and indirect ways and that legal professionals, family and friends can also be affected. Our communications, processes and procedures are intentionally designed to minimise re-traumatisation. We are sensitive, compassionate and client-centred, treating each case as unique.
Our trauma-informed practices
Clear, comprehensive information at every stage
Empathetic communication
Bespoke, person-centred approach
Deep understanding of individual cases
Flexible assessment options

We are human first.
We respect, recognise and celebrate the individual.
We are kind.
We are trauma-informed.