We are a chambers,
not an agency

We work collaboratively to manage, nurture, and drive successful relationships between our experts and legal professionals.

Our philosophy

Kapadia Rose is founded upon the vision of consultant psychiatrist, Dr Hassan Kapadia. Building on his many years’ experience as a Consultant Psychiatrist and expert witness, combined with his unique instinct for identifying and implementing innovative solutions to common problems, he believes that there is a genuinely better way for legal practitioners and expert witnesses to work together. Fundamental to our approach is the understanding that psychiatrists play a key role in helping all parties to understand the impact that trauma can have on individuals.
We are grounded by our core values and firmly believe that with compassion and integrity we can facilitate positive experiences and fair outcomes, whilst maintaining the high standards expected of the medical and legal professions.

Our values

Our core values are not just a set of words. They reflect our identity and have specific meaning to us. They are the principles that inspire our vision and direct our journey towards making a meaningful impact. Our values guide our decision-making, inform our interactions, and shape our service.


We act in line with our beliefs; we live and work by our core values; we own our actions; we do what we say we will.


We treat people fairly; we respect and reward expertise; we believe in balance and equity; we consider all perspectives.


We pay attention to the little things; we have high standards; we are ambitious; we are constantly striving.


We are human first; we respect, recognise and celebrate the individual; we are kind; we are trauma-informed.


We seek out information that helps us to grow; we ask intelligent questions; we are humble; we are constantly learning.


We are bold in our ideas; we do things differently; we enjoy solving problems; we offer fresh solutions.

Our people

Intelligent, experienced, helpful, efficient, reassuring, empathetic

We are a family-owned business and work hard to create a sense of community amongst our colleagues, partners and peers. Led by Dr Hassan Kapadia and Dr Emily-Rose Cluderay, our team is tight-knit, personable and approachable.

Hassan Kapadia, FRCPsych

Chairman and Consultant Psychiatrist

Emily-Rose Cluderay, PhD

Practice Director and CEO

Kym Newsome

Practice Manager

Yasmin Dix

Clinical Governance Officer

Jaffa Cludepadia

Executive Purralegal and Chief Happiness Officer

Praise for the practice team

Our story

With us, it’s personal

Kapadia Rose is the result of a meeting of the minds (and hearts!) between Dr Hassan Kapadia, a consultant perinatal psychiatrist, and Dr Emily-Rose Cluderay, a maternal health arts researcher.

Originally connecting through a shared interest in maternal mental health in 2016, Hassan and Emily-Rose (known to Hassan by his nickname for her, Millie) started working together in 2020. Realising that sensitive cases benefit from a trauma-informed approach, they have grown a reputation for being a safe and compassionate pair of hands.

Kapadia Rose is based on these shared values and beliefs. Hassan and Emily-Rose have worked hard to bring their vision into reality: a chambers that supports instructing parties and experts, building a team of experts and support staff who care about doing excellent work, and – sometimes! – having fun whilst doing it.

A partnership in life and in business: whilst most people would probably say they couldn’t ever work with their partners, Kapadia Rose is proof that sometimes, the whole can be greater than the sum of its parts.

We act and think flexibly to meet the needs of those we work with in a creative, intelligent and compassionate way